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Little Ochie for good Seafood

Jamaica a Lonely Planet survival kit

Little Ochi

Little Ochie- A big favourite among many Jamaicans

Jamaica's best kept secret

Jamaica's quiet side

'Everything criss' in the real Jamaica

Small World encounter

Jamaica a Lonely Planet survival kit

Alligator pond

Alligator Pond- the most authentically unspoiled coastal spots in Jamaica is about as far from Montego Bay and packaged tourism as you can get. Alligator pond is hidden at the foot of a valley between two step spurs of the Santa Cruz and Don Figuerero Mountains. Both run right up to the coast, efficiently cutting Alligator Pond off from the rest of the country.

Places to eat

The beach is lined with funky stalls catering to fishermen. Take your pick of a dozen or so places selling fish and lobster dishes. By far the best is Little Ochie Pub: it has tremendous atmosphere, with a thatched-roof old boat raised on silts, which functions as a dining and drinking terrace. Locals gather there to play dominoes. Specialties include curried conch (US$6) and roast fish (US$4.50).