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Jamaica's best kept secret
Jamaica -
Jamaica Observer, December 2000


"As the surf breaks onshore in a constant whisper, the dark waters of the oceans speak of a mystery that makes you long for your micro-bacterial past.

Sparkling blue waters wink at you beyond the dark hard-packed khaki sand dunes. Whenever fishermen come ashore with fresh catch, there is immediately a flurry of activity on the beach. Sea gulls squawk in protest as they scavenge for food. Vendors jibe each other good-naturedly as they choose fish, and a few dogs and pigs roam the beach.

If you stand on the beach area of the famous seafood spot, 'Little Ochie' and glance towards the east, you will be able to differentiate a snout, and a bald patch of the side of the promontory that looks like a sharp row of white teeth. as you watch, the spine of the hill takes on the shape of the reptilian armour of that famous menace - the alligator.

And as the local folklore goes here that's how the area got its name -- Alligator Pond.

There are a bunch of thatch-roof huts, and seafood restaurants which visitors can choose from. In the distance, one can spot silhouettes of 'Lover's Leap' in St. Elizabeth, and in the distance, obscured by light fog, you will see the hulking shoulders of Port Kaiser."