Seafood – Little Ochie Style

God put the fish in the sea to feed man – He blessed the land with the spices and vegetables to ‘nice it up’ and whispered the secrets of creating truly magical dishes to families of fishermen in Alligator Pond on Jamaica’s rustic south coast…

Here each dish is a creation of its own which not only captures the essence of life in this rural fishing village but also promises to delight all your senses. From the earthy flavour of roasted turbot to the savory escoveitch - each meal you share with us is food for your soul.

The secret? A perfect mix of onions and fiery hot scotch bonnet peppers swimming in vinegar and rich sauces of cho-cho, irish potato, okras and carrots blended with home grown spices.

For starters – ‘warm-up yuh belly’ with our spicy Fish Tea. Far from heavy, in this creation it’s the broth that counts. A favourite local cure that features Doctor Fish and Welchman, well seasoned with herbs from the local countryside, a cup or two will do.

Our most popular dish by far is the steamed snapper simmering in creamy sauces of fresh vegetables served with oven hot bammy or festival. This soft white flesh melts in your mouth and mesmerizes you with its heavenly flavour. It has been described as a beautiful experience.

Jamaican Jerk – south coast style! The feisty crustacean, crab, yields well to the zesty flavour of the jerk. Though a tough shell to crack this local delight will be well worth your effort. Our unique blend of escallion, thyme, pimento, peppers and ?????????? will leave you with a lasting tingle.

Our Grilled Lobster will beat that of the finest restaurants in the world. The natural flavor of lobster smoked on an open wood fire and lightly brushed with a special butter sauce. Best had with your fingers, this dish is a treat for all your senses... Each bite promises a blast of flavour!

At Little Ochie food is more than what we do – its who we are! We look forward to sharing with you and as we say in Jamaica, ‘Mek haste’ (often pronounced ‘mikkase’) – Hurry!

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All dishes at Little Ochie are cooked to order. Choose from a variety of delicious ways to have you lobster, shrimp, crab and fish prepared. ‘Chase it’ with Bammy (done your favourite way – steamed, fried or just dry), Festival or Rice & Peas.

Peppered Shrimp

Garlic Shrimp

Curried Shrimp

Stewed Shrimp

Fried Shrimp

Jerk Shrimp

Grilled Lobster

Garlic Lobster

Curried Lobster

Jerk Lobster

Fried Lobster

Steamed Fish

Foiled & Roasted Fish

Curried Fish

Fried Fish

Brown Fish

Jerk Fish